Joining the Dark Side 2.0

This is a follow up to my March post Joining the Dark Side

The gist of the post was that after over a decade of dying my hair blonde I wanted to go back to my most natural color which was a light brown.

October 2011

October 2011

I used to be really blonde. I did everything from highlights to Sun In to box dyes to John Frieda Go Lighter Spray blah blah blah. All this coloring seriously damaged my hair. It also put a huge hole in my wallet. I don’t even want to think about all the money I dropped to get my hair done over the past ten years. I could have used that money to buy a new college textbook! Just kidding I stopped buying textbooks pretty much after my freshman year of college…

I turned 22 on April 8th. The days leading up to my birthday, however, my parents kept asking me what I wanted for a gift. After careful consideration I decided I wanted to get my hair fully dyed. No highlights, no lowlights just one color. Before I got my hair dyed I had highlights and lowlights from December; the color was nice, but I wanted one solid color (something I have never done before).

March 2014

March 2014

When I sat down I told my colorist, who I absolutely love, what I wanted. Of course, like most of us I have unrealistic expectations of what I want my hair to look like. I told her just to match my roots. As stylists know, this is a very hard thing to do. She pulled out her color look book and pointed to a color that matched my roots. COOL, I thought. The color wasn’t dramatic and it’s what I wanted.   However, she told me that dying my hair this color would be a waste because it wouldn’t cover all the previous damage to my hair. So we went a shade darker in order to “grab” all the blonde.

I had no idea what to expect. There was no turning back the moment she started coloring my hair. After washing it out she spun away from the mirror and started to blow dry my hair. I felt like I was in one of those makeover shows where they don’t show you the final result until the very end. When all was said and done all the ladies in the salon kept saying “I love it! I love it!” All I could think was: For goodness sake woman turn me around already!

When she spun me around and I saw my hair all I could do was run my hands thru it and try and process what I had just done. The color was dark. I mean dark. It even looked like there were tints of red or purple in it. She did what I wanted and got rid of the color it’s just a huge shock going from blonde to this extreme.

April 8 2014

April 8 2014

My stylist, bless her heart, assured me the color will ease and blend together and this tint of red won’t last forever. Going this dark was just something she had to do. To be honest the red color went away within the first week after a few hair rinses.

I am very happy to report after a month a half my hair is a natural golden brown color! The best part of this hair odyssey: I don’t have any roots! I have been outside in the sun a lot too and my hair has been holding up wonderfully. It’s been such a process and I hope I hope this is the last time I ever dye my hair.

May 29, 2014

May 29, 2014



Throwing it Back to Junior and Senior Prom

In light of it being Thursday and my high school’s prom tomorrow, I decided to do a throwback Thursday of both my junior and senior prom. I saw on another bloggers page a Throwback Thursday where she mentioned ten facts about the photo and I loved the idea! Here’s a brief memory of my night(s) four and five years ago:


1.) Both my dresses were ordered online. Nothing is more exciting or terrifying than opening the box the day your dress arrives in the mail.

2.) My mom didn’t want me to wear a white dress, because I would wear white at my wedding. K.

3.) The back of my blue dress was open back and beautiful, but it was a pain to dance in. Me and strapless dresses: it just doesn’t work.

4.) I cut my hair 2 days before my senior prom. And I mean CUT. It looked a lot healthier, I just had no idea what to do with it, so I straightened it.

5.) I hate getting pedicures. My first and last pedicure was for senior prom.

6.) Still looking back at these pictures I wish I had my makeup done.

7.) After senior prom a bunch of my classmates, including my date, went to Seaside Heights in New Jersey. I wasn’t allowed to go…

8.) Instead I went to Ocean City, MD for a week with my four girl friends after graduation and it was amazing.  We’re talking about going back again this year and reliving our glory days.

9.) I only have one photo of me and my friends from senior prom (we are actually missing one person). And I seriously regret it. I took pictures with my date’s friends and sat at his table. The picture above will always be my favorite picture from senior prom.

10.) My dresses get borrowed a lot from younger girl friends and girls in my neighborhood and I love that 🙂 The blue one is getting worn tomorrow!

What was your prom like?

Added bonus of me and all my lovely friends. Seaside < Ocean City. Just saying.


Ocean City MD.

Ocean City MD.

Just a Spot of Tea, Please. How to Decrease Eye Puffiness with Bags of Tea

It’s the end of the semester and I’m exhausted. This time of the year is bitter sweet, because I’m so close to being done, but the next few days will be so draining and demanding. It’s a known fact I’m not going to sleep at all. Mainly because I leave everything to the last minute, but that’s a different story.

I recently did a review on Olay Fresh Effects Eye Cream. I know creams and moisturizes, particularly under eye creams, can be expensive. There is a cheap, quick method to reducing those puffy tired eyes. If you’re a tea drinker this will work perfectly for you.

Tea has caffeine, caffeine makes people happy and happy people just don’t like tired.

You can use plain or green tea bags. The tea grains contain anti-irritant solution that will help reduce redness and inflammation around the eye area. Chamomile tea bags also contain natural, herbal ingredients that will help decrease puffiness.

If you have two bags of tea try this beauty secret

Cold bags of tea:
1.) Moisten two tea bags in water
2.) Place the tea bags in the freezer for twenty minutes (the cold help shrinks puffiness)
3.) Once cold place the bags of tea over your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes

Warm bags of tea:
1.) Warm up a cup of water
2.) Place the tea bags in the warm water and let them moisten
3.) Carefully wring out the tea bags so they aren’t heavy or dripping (don’t wring them out to hard or you’ll lose all those natural ingredients you need for your eyes!)
4.) Once at a warm, comfortable temperature place the bags over your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes or until they are no longer warm.

This method is actually really relaxing, the smell and the aroma of the tea also calms me down which says a lot.  If you look tired because school is taking over you life, try this technique; you have nothing to lose except your eye puffiness.

If you’re interested in other, weird, cheap methods to reducing eye puffiness check out:

So You Want to Get a Spray Tan

Summer time is so close I can feel it. This winter in New York has been just plain cruel; the snow just piled up and the temperatures were beyond frigid every day. But now it’s time to start getting ready for shorts and bikini weather. For me, this means it’s time to get a spray tan.

Bottom line I love spray tans; last summer I felt like I was getting a spray once a week instead of sitting outside for hours or laying in a tanning bed. Spray tans are 100% safe and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.

At my job there are two ways to get a spray tan: airbrushing and the booth. I prefer the airbrushing over the booth. The booth never covered my body entirely and I was left with some spots that were missed. But that’s just my opinion. The airbrush, compared to the booth, is sprayed by a staff member. It’s easier to see the spots that were missed or if you wanted to be a little darker on the legs or chest area they can hit you with the solution a little more.

Spray Machine

Spray Machine

I also tend to over think a spray booth, thanks to this episode of Friends


The airbrush uses a DHA sunless tanning solution. Once sprayed, you will instantly see the color. The solution contains a natural chemical reaction to your skin causing it to turn a golden brown.

A spray can last anywhere from 5-7 days depending on how will you maintain it. My face tends to lose color first, usually after day 3, because I’m washing it with Proactive face wash.

Whenever I spray someone, their first question is: “Is this going to make me orange?” And the answer is no. Many salons have different colors to work and blend with your body. Another bonus to airbrushing is it’s easy to tell when enough is enough. If someone is nervous about a spray I’ll test it on myself or their arm to see how everything reacts. If you wanted a spray tan before a major event, call a salon and book a test appointment to see how everything looks with your body and skin. You don’t want a bad spray tan to ruin your fun.

The do’s and don’ts to a good spray:

• Take a shower and exfoliate your skin prior to a session.
• Remove all makeup (you don’t want to clog your pores)
• Avoid using a moisturizer directly before or after.
• Allow yourself at least 10 minutes to be sprayed and at least 5-10 minutes to dry.
• Wear loose, cotton clothing and flip flops.
• Remove all jewelry

• Don’t shave the day of your session [the day before or the next day is fine.]
• Don’t shower or perspire for at least 8 hours after your session.
• Don’t wear blue jeans, tight clothes, or socks for 5-6 hours.

As said before, you’ll notice the color instantly, but it generally takes about 5-7 hours to full develop. The longer you hold off on a shower the better. Also, if you’re going to bed with a spray tan and showering the next morning, change your bed sheets to a dark color. The first time I got a spray tan, I waited until the next day to shower and woke up with a body print on my light blue bed sheets because the color was still drying.

Spray tans also have this way of toning everything up and making everything look better. I’m just saying.  If you have any questions let me know!

This is from last summer, but this is what the color looks like after one day for me at least.

This is from last summer, but this is what the color looks like after one day for me at least.

Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule

When I received my pay check from Charlotte Russe every two weeks it was a safe bet you could find me at Target the following Saturday morning. My roommate and I would walk into Target on a mission, but somehow we would walk out with more than we bargained for. We would also walk out without the one product we actually came in for. It’s the Target effect.

Walking into Target my shopping list would look something like this:
[x] Toilet Paper

I would leave Target with:
[x] Mascara
[x] A bathing suit
[x] Shampoo
[x] A fluffy pillow
[x] Cool Ranch Doritos

I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials and print ads for Olay’s new Fresh Effects line. The other day I went to Target with my mom to get curtains; I may have got a little distracted. I couldn’t help myself but wander over to the skin care aisle to see if Olay’s new products were out.

And there under the beaming lights of Target stood the one product I’ve been searching for. I bought Bright on Schedule Eye Awakening Cream for $12.99 and I really like it so far!

As a college student my sleep schedule is off. Way off. Getting ready in the morning I can tell I need a little extra something under my eyes. Olay’s Fresh Effects eye cream is perfect for that. Finally an eye cream for young college girls.

eye roller

Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule comes in a tube with three metal rollers for easy application under the eyes. The light weight cream contains honey suckle, white tea, and cucumber extract. The tri-rollers help cool and massage your skin while also hydrating your tired, dark eyes. The cream is light weight and doesn’t clog your pores. Since the cream is light weight I apply concealer under my eyes after and bam it looks as if I got eight hours of sleep.


I apply the eye cream for thirty seconds on each eye morning and night. It’s the pick-me-up I need to face the rest of my day. Of course, the cheapest method to reducing puffy, dark eyes is to get a good night’s sleep, but this is a good back up.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Review

I was in seventh grade when I first asked my mom if I could wear makeup. And I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Being 13-years-old I went for the cheapest, most colorful palettes; I would match my eye makeup with my outfit, not my eye color. I also thought I was really good at a smoky eye when I was in high school. I wasn’t. Don’t even get me started on foundation. As the years went on, I slowly got better at applying makeup. Now 22, I found my perfect eye makeup palette. It’s so good I threw all my other eye shadows away. I’m talking about Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.


Here’s why I love it. The colors are amazing and subtle and will look great on any eye color. With this palette it’s easy to create a delicate day look and an edgy night look. Finally a palette with all the colors you want in one simple place! Another bonus, it last all day.

Urban Decay

My day look

There are a few Urban Decay Naked palettes. I bought the Basics at Sephora for $28.00. Naked Basics contains six colors: Venus, Foxy (my favorite), W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint and Crave. If you’re wondering how I did my makeup in the photo above here’s how:
1.) I apply the W.O.S to my entire eye area: the lid, crease and brow bone. The color acts as a good primer for the other colors that go over it.
2.) Apply Foxy to the lid. The colors blend together perfectly and create a subtle, soft eye color making your eyes pop.
3.) I go darker on the crease with Faint.
4.) Similar to other eye palettes always apply a white shimmer to your brow line. Venus is great for the brows and inner corners of your eye lids!

Voila you got the Naked look!

As said before there are other Urban Decay Nude colors. The palettes contain six more colors and costs $54.00. The Urban Decay 2 consists of 12 colors featuring more gray, taupe and beige colors. Compared to the Basics this edition has more of a shimmer. Urban Decay 3 also has 12 new colors, but goes with rose-hued neutral and rich browns.


If you’re interested in any of these palettes head on over to Sephora and check them out. Makeup at Sephora is always a splurge for me, but this has become on my favorite makeup purchases!