Teeth Whitening

What’s the first feature you notice about someone you just met? Do you notice their piercing blue eyes, their long, luscious locks, or their perfectly shaped eyebrows? For me it’s the smile and teeth. Nothing is more attractive than pearly whites and good dental hygiene. I’m not the only one who agrees, in fact, 96% of adults agree a whiter, brighter smile is more alluring when trying to attract someone you’re interested in. The quirks in a smile, such as a gap or braces, make a person unique and beautiful! What aren’t beautiful are yellow teeth. DIY and at home teeth whitening are a simple solution for the beauties on a budget.

As we get older our teeth become more sensitive. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states genetics, antibiotics and certain foods and drinks are all factors affecting a dull, lusterless smile. As a college student I feel as if I always need caffeine—I love my coffee and soda! But all the sugars and dark liquids really take a toll on my smile. Professional teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $300 to $800. Crest White strips, depending on which box you buy, can cost over $50.

My beauty steal: Plus White Premier Speed Whitening Gel.

The gel is sold in drug stores, I found mine in RiteAid, and sells for $8. The gel can be applied with a cotton swab, mouth guard or toothbrush (I found the best method to be on a cotton swab). Simply apply the gel to your teeth for five minutes, ten minutes for more difficult spots, rinse with cool water and brush normally. Don’t forget to floss!

Add a pop of color to your lips to make your pearly whites really stand out!
For more information on teeth whitening and causes of color discoloration check out:


One thought on “Teeth Whitening

  1. Teeth whitening trays fit in tightly over the teeth in order to accelerate
    the bleaching process. Many people suffer from poor body image because they are ashamed of the color of
    their teeth. Adding a couple of drops to your toothbrush when brushing, or swishing with a few
    drops mixed with water, can make your teeth significantly whiter.

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