Makeup Changing the Face of Poverty

I have been blessed with an education, wonderful friends, a job and a family who provides me support both emotionally and financially.  Unfortunately, many women around the world are faced with the harsh reality of poverty.  However, there is a way for these women to feel independent, strong and beautiful all through the use of makeup. Selling cosmetics, such as Avon, and becoming entrepreneurs allows women to earn money and thrive on their own.  What Avon and these women have done is truly inspiring.

Avon sells more than beauty products.  Avon gives any woman the opportunity to earn money, work at their convenience, make connections and be their own boss.  As we all know, makeup can change our appearance drastically, but the fact it change the world is incredible.

In a three year study conducted in low-income parts of South Africa, Oxford business professors, Linda Scott and Catherine Dolan, learned poor women who started working for Avon became significantly more financially independent and secure.  Worldwide the company sold more than $11 billion in cosmetics in 2011.  The money earned for selling products we take for granted, such as lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, helped a woman facing poverty pay for food, water and shelter.

Avon is giving women the chance to be their own person while also selling a product which makes others feel beautiful.  The stories of poverty are traumatic, but the stories of women who rise above and become their own boss is exciting and uplifting.  According to the study, women living in South Africa made about 900 rand ($110) a month.  Those working for Avon, however, made up to 1,400 rand per month after working for the company a little over a year!

Clearly makeup is a powerful tool.  Makeup provides women confidence not just physically, but financially.  Other businesses are following Avon and helping women facing poverty feel more empowered and self-sufficient.   Let’s see where else makeup can take us!

For more information on the power of makeup check out:


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