Joining the Dark Side

Throwback Thursday Time!

Once upon a time I was blonde…


Sophomore year, September 2011

Sophomore year, September 2011

Okay, really blonde.  I started getting my hair highlighted at the tender of twelve.  Yes, I was that young.  It became an obsession.  There was a running joke in my group of friends that you couldn’t be friends with us unless you were blonde.  Blonde jokes were also an unfortunate given. 


Summer time was always my favorite.  After a day at the beach I would come home with sun kissed, bright blonde hair.  But eventually that color, like my tan, would fade. 


I loved being blonde, don’t get me wrong, but the damage it did to my hair wasn’t worth it.  I started noticing my sophomore year of college, my hair wasn’t growing.  Despite trims, the ends always looked dried out and my hair wasn’t as thick and shiny as it used to be.  I know exactly why my hair was like this.  I hate to say this, but it’s an important part to understanding my hair.  Along with retouching my highlights every three months, there were times I would use products like Sun In or John Frieda’s Go Blonder Spray.  Those products are a big no no.  I guess I was really desperate to be blonde and look “natural…”


Roots were my worst enemy.  It always looked trashy and unnatural.  Getting my hair done also put a hole in my wallet.  The ladies who get their hair colored understand.  A full head of highlights, depending on the salon, can cost up to $100.  Let’s see $100 x every 3 months. Yup, that’s $400.  I finally decided enough is enough.  I wanted to go back to my most natural hair color.


It’s been a process, but I’m slowly getting back to a color I’m comfortable and satisfied with.    I’m not getting my hair done as much as I used to.  Additionally, once I stopped using bleach, my hair eventually started to grow and go back to the thick, shiny mane it used to be.


If you’re thinking of going from blonde to brunette you must go to a salon. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF.  The stylist will work with your color.  We started out slow with my hair.  My stylist added lowlights instead.  The lowlights were gorgeous and added a lot of dimension to my hair.  The color was exactly what I wanted too; it was an ashy brunette and it fit my skin tone and actually matched my eyebrows.


This is what my hair color looks like now.  There are still some hints of blonde, but like I said the amount of damage I did to my hair before there is no way I could go be a full chestnut brunette right away.  Not now at least.  It’s a process, but it’s worth it.


Senior year, March 2014

Senior year, March 2014

I can’t imagine going back to blonde.  I now feel bad for my girl friends who have to pay to get their hair retouched every couple of months.  The blonde was fun, but now I’m dedicated to keeping my hair healthy and completely bleach free.


Considering going to the dark side check out these tips:


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