No sun. No problem!

Confession Time. I love being tan. I swear in the summer I would get a spray tan at least once a week. When it isn’t summer time, I still like a subtle glow. Not an orange glow, but a subtle glow.

Over the years I’ve tried several self-tanning products, from Jergens to L’Oreal to Neutrogena to Tan towels to Victoria’s Secret’s line. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. All these brands were nice, but didn’t give me the glow I wanted on my face.

The face is the one part on my body I want to have color without layering on foundation or bronzer. I found two facial tanning products from Sephora that I love. Both work differently and both are priced differently.


If you’re interested in buying any type of self-tanner for your face always test it on your skin to make sure it works and gives you the color you want before buying it.

Product: Faux Tan Face
By: Bare Minerals
Price at Sephora: $24.00

This product isn't fully blended

This product isn’t fully blended

Every skin type is different. For me, my skin isn’t porcelain white; I tend to notice tanning products working on my skin pretty quickly. I apply this product after I wash my face and before I apply my makeup. For others, it may make take some time to notice a difference. I read some reviews at and some women noted they would apply the product before bed and would notice a difference gradually or after a couple of days.

The product comes in a tube and only takes about two pumps to cover the face and neck. The product comes out pretty dark, but don’t let that intimidate you, it will blend and adjust. I apply and blend the product in with my fingers, but you can use a foam makeup wedge also. (If you use your hands, wash before and after application.)

The product doesn’t clog my pores and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. Another bonus: no annoying self-tanning smell!  Perfect for a sun kissed look.

Product: Tinted Self-Tanning Face Gel
By: Sephora
Price at Sephora: $5.00

This product isn't fully blended

This product isn’t fully blended

This product gives me instant color as well as easy application. The product comes in a tube with a brush at the end for blending. For this brand you don’t need a lot of the gel, because a tiny squeeze in this bottle goes a long way. Compared to Faux Tan Face, I find myself spending more time blending the product into my face and neck, but I get a really even coverage.

This product smells good too; it smells like summer to me! (Smell it, you’ll understand what I mean.) You’ll notice the smell going on, but it won’t linger or leave an after smell like other self-tanning products. For $5.00 this product gives you an amazing tint when you’re in need for some quick color.

As said before I love both products. I switch on and off depending on my mood. If you’re interested in self-tanning products remember to always find one that works best for your skin type! Happy safe, fake tanning!


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