Miracle in a Jar

(Sigh) I recently got my haircut; it wasn’t a lot, but still. To my surprise I didn’t have a lot of split ends, my hair was just super dried out. I’ve been trying to keep up with getting my haircut at least every 2 months. I go to Supercuts because a $12 haircut is all a girl can afford nowadays. I am that girl who freaks out over getting an inch cut off. But I’m all for healthy hair, so cutting frequently is essential.

Along with frequent haircuts I try and do a weekly hair mask. Is it just me or is coconut oil the new craze? I joined Pinterest over a year ago and when I saw a pin for long, healthy, shiny hair I had to read it. An hour later I was in the car heading to the local Trader Joe’s to buy a jar of coconut oil.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is natural, organic and above all cheap! A good hair mask can cost around $30. I bought my jar over a year ago, and there is still a good amount left.

Coconut oil has an extensive list of uses. Of course, it’s good for cooking and baking. Unfortunately for my future boyfriend, I’m not one for cooking, so I keep the jar upstairs in my room and use it strictly for beauty purposes.

Coconut oil helps moisturize the hair while also rejuvenating the hair from root to tip. When I put coconut oil in my hair I spend a good ten minutes brushing and combing it thru because it feels that amazing.

There are two ways to approach a coconut oil hair mask:
1.) Apply the hair mask for thirty minutes or so and then shower.
After you apply the hair mask wrap your hair in a bun and place a shower cap or plastic bag over the scalp or your hair to seal in the moisture.

2.) Apply the hair mask before bed and shower in the morning.
If you’re thinking of doing this step, wear a shower cap and place a towel over your pillow case. Trust me, the last thing you want is oil seeping into your facial pores when you sleep.

Now this is a huge disclaimer about coconut oil. It’s best to do coconut oil on a day where you know you have extra time in the shower. Yes coconut oil is amazing, but at the end of the day it’s an oil and can leave your hair greasy and smelling greasy if not washed out extensively. The first time my roommate did a mask she took a shower, shampooed and conditioned her hair as usual, but had to wash her out again in the bathtub because she didn’t wash it all out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If done right, coconut oil will leave your hair super shiny and soft! There are days my hair feels too soft, but hey its better than being too dried out!

Check out this list of other coconut oil uses:


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