Throwing it Back to Junior and Senior Prom

In light of it being Thursday and my high school’s prom tomorrow, I decided to do a throwback Thursday of both my junior and senior prom. I saw on another bloggers page a Throwback Thursday where she mentioned ten facts about the photo and I loved the idea! Here’s a brief memory of my night(s) four and five years ago:


1.) Both my dresses were ordered online. Nothing is more exciting or terrifying than opening the box the day your dress arrives in the mail.

2.) My mom didn’t want me to wear a white dress, because I would wear white at my wedding. K.

3.) The back of my blue dress was open back and beautiful, but it was a pain to dance in. Me and strapless dresses: it just doesn’t work.

4.) I cut my hair 2 days before my senior prom. And I mean CUT. It looked a lot healthier, I just had no idea what to do with it, so I straightened it.

5.) I hate getting pedicures. My first and last pedicure was for senior prom.

6.) Still looking back at these pictures I wish I had my makeup done.

7.) After senior prom a bunch of my classmates, including my date, went to Seaside Heights in New Jersey. I wasn’t allowed to go…

8.) Instead I went to Ocean City, MD for a week with my four girl friends after graduation and it was amazing.  We’re talking about going back again this year and reliving our glory days.

9.) I only have one photo of me and my friends from senior prom (we are actually missing one person). And I seriously regret it. I took pictures with my date’s friends and sat at his table. The picture above will always be my favorite picture from senior prom.

10.) My dresses get borrowed a lot from younger girl friends and girls in my neighborhood and I love that 🙂 The blue one is getting worn tomorrow!

What was your prom like?

Added bonus of me and all my lovely friends. Seaside < Ocean City. Just saying.


Ocean City MD.

Ocean City MD.


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