This blog is dedicated to all the women, young or old, who love to be beautified!

I’m Lara and I’m a 22-year-old college student living the New York life. I major in Public Relations and work at a tanning salon on the side. If you’re wondering why I look so tan in my pictures it’s because I love airbrushing (stay tuned for my favorite glow products and tips to a good a airbrush!)

I like my makeup how I like my college textbooks: cheap!  As young adults, we’re constantly on a budget.  Discovering and buying makeup and other beauty products at a low cost has become a pastime of mine.  Of course, like most of us, I love the occasional beauty splurge, but I make this splurge worth my while. After living in a college dorm with 20-plus girls on one floor and sharing an apartment with three close friends I learned quite a few beauty tips and secrets. This blog will show you some of my favorite beauty alternatives along with quick and simple tricks since we’re always on the go. In addition I will be writing and sharing some news posts related to beauty and women. So let’s get primping ladies!


Note: All opinions of the products are completely my own. Additional outside information will be provided when necessary.


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