So You Want to Get a Spray Tan

Summer time is so close I can feel it. This winter in New York has been just plain cruel; the snow just piled up and the temperatures were beyond frigid every day. But now it’s time to start getting ready for shorts and bikini weather. For me, this means it’s time to get a spray tan.

Bottom line I love spray tans; last summer I felt like I was getting a spray once a week instead of sitting outside for hours or laying in a tanning bed. Spray tans are 100% safe and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.

At my job there are two ways to get a spray tan: airbrushing and the booth. I prefer the airbrushing over the booth. The booth never covered my body entirely and I was left with some spots that were missed. But that’s just my opinion. The airbrush, compared to the booth, is sprayed by a staff member. It’s easier to see the spots that were missed or if you wanted to be a little darker on the legs or chest area they can hit you with the solution a little more.

Spray Machine

Spray Machine

I also tend to over think a spray booth, thanks to this episode of Friends


The airbrush uses a DHA sunless tanning solution. Once sprayed, you will instantly see the color. The solution contains a natural chemical reaction to your skin causing it to turn a golden brown.

A spray can last anywhere from 5-7 days depending on how will you maintain it. My face tends to lose color first, usually after day 3, because I’m washing it with Proactive face wash.

Whenever I spray someone, their first question is: “Is this going to make me orange?” And the answer is no. Many salons have different colors to work and blend with your body. Another bonus to airbrushing is it’s easy to tell when enough is enough. If someone is nervous about a spray I’ll test it on myself or their arm to see how everything reacts. If you wanted a spray tan before a major event, call a salon and book a test appointment to see how everything looks with your body and skin. You don’t want a bad spray tan to ruin your fun.

The do’s and don’ts to a good spray:

• Take a shower and exfoliate your skin prior to a session.
• Remove all makeup (you don’t want to clog your pores)
• Avoid using a moisturizer directly before or after.
• Allow yourself at least 10 minutes to be sprayed and at least 5-10 minutes to dry.
• Wear loose, cotton clothing and flip flops.
• Remove all jewelry

• Don’t shave the day of your session [the day before or the next day is fine.]
• Don’t shower or perspire for at least 8 hours after your session.
• Don’t wear blue jeans, tight clothes, or socks for 5-6 hours.

As said before, you’ll notice the color instantly, but it generally takes about 5-7 hours to full develop. The longer you hold off on a shower the better. Also, if you’re going to bed with a spray tan and showering the next morning, change your bed sheets to a dark color. The first time I got a spray tan, I waited until the next day to shower and woke up with a body print on my light blue bed sheets because the color was still drying.

Spray tans also have this way of toning everything up and making everything look better. I’m just saying.  If you have any questions let me know!

This is from last summer, but this is what the color looks like after one day for me at least.

This is from last summer, but this is what the color looks like after one day for me at least.