Just a Spot of Tea, Please. How to Decrease Eye Puffiness with Bags of Tea

It’s the end of the semester and I’m exhausted. This time of the year is bitter sweet, because I’m so close to being done, but the next few days will be so draining and demanding. It’s a known fact I’m not going to sleep at all. Mainly because I leave everything to the last minute, but that’s a different story.

I recently did a review on Olay Fresh Effects Eye Cream. I know creams and moisturizes, particularly under eye creams, can be expensive. There is a cheap, quick method to reducing those puffy tired eyes. If you’re a tea drinker this will work perfectly for you.

Tea has caffeine, caffeine makes people happy and happy people just don’t like tired.

You can use plain or green tea bags. The tea grains contain anti-irritant solution that will help reduce redness and inflammation around the eye area. Chamomile tea bags also contain natural, herbal ingredients that will help decrease puffiness.

If you have two bags of tea try this beauty secret

Cold bags of tea:
1.) Moisten two tea bags in water
2.) Place the tea bags in the freezer for twenty minutes (the cold help shrinks puffiness)
3.) Once cold place the bags of tea over your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes

Warm bags of tea:
1.) Warm up a cup of water
2.) Place the tea bags in the warm water and let them moisten
3.) Carefully wring out the tea bags so they aren’t heavy or dripping (don’t wring them out to hard or you’ll lose all those natural ingredients you need for your eyes!)
4.) Once at a warm, comfortable temperature place the bags over your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes or until they are no longer warm.

This method is actually really relaxing, the smell and the aroma of the tea also calms me down which says a lot.  If you look tired because school is taking over you life, try this technique; you have nothing to lose except your eye puffiness.

If you’re interested in other, weird, cheap methods to reducing eye puffiness check out:


Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule

When I received my pay check from Charlotte Russe every two weeks it was a safe bet you could find me at Target the following Saturday morning. My roommate and I would walk into Target on a mission, but somehow we would walk out with more than we bargained for. We would also walk out without the one product we actually came in for. It’s the Target effect.

Walking into Target my shopping list would look something like this:
[x] Toilet Paper

I would leave Target with:
[x] Mascara
[x] A bathing suit
[x] Shampoo
[x] A fluffy pillow
[x] Cool Ranch Doritos

I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials and print ads for Olay’s new Fresh Effects line. The other day I went to Target with my mom to get curtains; I may have got a little distracted. I couldn’t help myself but wander over to the skin care aisle to see if Olay’s new products were out.

And there under the beaming lights of Target stood the one product I’ve been searching for. I bought Bright on Schedule Eye Awakening Cream for $12.99 and I really like it so far!

As a college student my sleep schedule is off. Way off. Getting ready in the morning I can tell I need a little extra something under my eyes. Olay’s Fresh Effects eye cream is perfect for that. Finally an eye cream for young college girls.

eye roller

Olay Fresh Effects Bright on Schedule comes in a tube with three metal rollers for easy application under the eyes. The light weight cream contains honey suckle, white tea, and cucumber extract. The tri-rollers help cool and massage your skin while also hydrating your tired, dark eyes. The cream is light weight and doesn’t clog your pores. Since the cream is light weight I apply concealer under my eyes after and bam it looks as if I got eight hours of sleep.


I apply the eye cream for thirty seconds on each eye morning and night. It’s the pick-me-up I need to face the rest of my day. Of course, the cheapest method to reducing puffy, dark eyes is to get a good night’s sleep, but this is a good back up.